Broke Down Single Mom

Broke Down Single Mom

In the middle of a winter storm….
I’m stranded on the side of the road.
Zero money – and no food for my hungry little girls.
If I’ve ever needed a miracle it’s NOW.

Hopelessness sets in.
A Sheriff’s car pulls up.
From the looks of him this man is a giant. And intimidating as h*ll.

“You shouldn’t be here in the middle of a storm.”

“I had no other choice, Officer. My husband is a dangerous man.”

His face softens. “Did he hurt you, Ma’am?”

Sheriff Kellan makes a phone call to his twin brother, Fallon.
Fallon is quiet and reserved but he wastes no time getting my girls and I out of the harsh cold and into his tow truck.
I should be grateful but I feel suspicious. My ex has connections with the police.

The brothers introduce me to their friend, Luke.
Like his friends, Luke is a war veteran. And based on the way he carries himself, I would never have known he lost his leg in service.

Luke opens the doors to his breathtaking lodge to my little girls and I.
I should decline but I’m not exactly burdened with options here.

What if all this is a trap and a ticking time bomb?
Or what if these three ex-military alphas are genuine?
Could decent men truly exist in this hard cold world??
After all my past heartache and pain, the thought of opening myself up to men scares me even more than anything. Especially when something tells me these three men see me as so much more than a broke down single mom. $0.99 on Kindle.
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Heart Under Construction: A Curvy Single Mom Instalove

Heart Under Construction: A Curvy Single Mom Instalove
Most guys ghost me when they find out I’m a single mom. Everyone, except Austin. Dating in a small town sucks. Like really sucks. Especially when your past is filled with drama like mine. I don’t have time for any of that. I have my son to look after. That’s why I took this job at Fit Mountain Construction. As the company’s new receptionist, I can just go to work and come home. The last thing I need is to fall in love with my coworker, Austin. Unfortunately, Austin is a hot mountain man. Hot mountain men are my weakness. And Austin? Well, he’s hot, and sweet, and there for me when I need him. He says he wants to break my rules. And now that we’re going out tonight, I think I just might let him… Heart Under Construction is a filthy-sweet mountain man instalove featuring a young, single mom and the handsome mountain man who sweeps her off her feet. And with a 90-minute read time, it’s the perfect lunchbreak or weeknight read. Enjoy! $0.99 on Kindle.
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Accidental Sugar Daddy: A Fake Relationship, Billionaire Romance

Accidental Sugar Daddy: A Fake Relationship, Billionaire Romance
How does a single mom end up with a sugar daddy? My best friend tells me I need to date and then sends me to a sugar daddy mixer. I’m plotting my revenge on the way out when the hottest guy in the room stops me. One dinner, he says. One dinner and I’m considering his offer, events for work only. As a single mom, I can’t turn the money down. Only this fake relationship is starting to feel all too real. He wants more, like me and the kids to move into him. But my past isn’t pretty and his world is ready for battle because they don’t want me. Will he still want me now? $0.99 on Kindle.
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Swing and a Kiss

Swing and a KissDale
I never thought I’d fall in love. I was the quintessential player with a lineup of one-night stands. Never any real connections. Then I met her.

One look at Karen and I felt like I’d taken a fastball to the heart. She was so sexy and real that I knew I was never going back to my old life. No more shallow hookups. She’s the one. Now all I have to do is figure out how to get her to stop saying no and finally go out with me.

I had love once—and lost it in a cruel twist of fate. These days, I don’t have the luxury of being frivolous with my time or my heart. I’m a single mom. That’s my priority. Romance is an unnecessary hassle anyway.

Then I met him.

Dale Montgomery is hotter than Carolina asphalt in July. And he wants me. Crazy, right?

Too bad I gave up on crazy romantic notions long ago.

$0.99 on Kindle.
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1102 Sugar Rd.

1102 Sugar Rd.
Sheriff Larson is about to show single mom, Faith, that he’s a man who always gets his woman…

I’ve had my eyes on Faith Bridges for months now.
I haven’t made a secret of it, but she’s not giving me the time of day.
In fact, she’s driving me crazy.

There’s a pull between us and I know she feels it, but she refuses to let her guard down.

I know why.
She’s a single mother and she’s got her son to worry about.
She doesn’t want a man to waltz into their lives and leave them.

What Faith doesn’t realize is that I’m not that type of man.
I’m her man.
I’m going to prove to her that she and her son can count on me forever. $2.99 on Kindle
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