Free: Dominated by the Deep

Dominated by the Deep
Rachel, an amateur paranormal investigator, has been all over the world in search of the otherworldly. But when she finally finds it outside a small coastal community, it is nothing like she had expected. The creature is aggressive, ravenous, and far more than she was ready to handle. Will she survive their first encounter or will she be prey for the beast?

She reached for the doorknob. The moment the lock clicked, the creature smiled. The corners of its mouth rose until its face split nearly to its ears. Lighting flashed across the sky in time to illuminate the double row of jagged teeth filling its mouth. Fear and arousal made Rachel’s hands fumble the doorknob.

The creature casually reached out with a long arm and pushed the door open. It seemed to swing toward her in slow motion, and then there was nothing between them. No barrier to hide behind even if she wanted to. The creature’s pitch-black eyes stared into hers like it wanted to consume her. The thought should not have made her reach for the belt of her robe. Free on Kindle.
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