Free: Sail To My Heart

Free: Sail To My Heart
No friends. No family. No respect. As the worst fisherman in his village, lonely “Dim Jim” was an easy target and the butt of every joke.

One day, the thought strikes him: “If I can do something truly extraordinary, I’m sure to be accepted!” So, Jim set his sights on capturing the elusive green tail fish — a feat locals have only fantasized about.

Soon after setting sail, Jim encountered a wicked storm, threatening a quick end to his plan — and quite possibly his life.

Yet as luck would have it, Jim not only escaped a brush with death but also stumbled upon an amazing discovery that gave him the key to reinventing his life, allowing him to return home a hero.

Now catapulted to a position of power and fame, women and wealth were Jim’s for the taking, and he was finally happy … at first. But he couldn’t shake the anger and resentment buried deep inside himself. And as the fame and fortune wane, Jim’s vengeful nature and behaviors started to resurface, and people wondered about his true identity.

But Jim would stop at nothing to prevent detection, while exacting unbridled revenge on anyone who crossed him. Enter a world of adventure, romance, and suspense in this gripping tale, with page-turning twists and a truly unexpected conclusion. Free on Kindle.

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