Erotic Romance: “Make You See Stars”

erotic romance make you see stars

Tori is an Ambassador’s daughter from Mars. All she wants is a life of her own, so she interns on a space station circling Saturn, far away from her parents closer to her friends and the things she really wants to do.

What she doesn’t realize is that Desida Two, the station that is to be her new home, has something in store just for her! A blond-haired, tall, and handsome man with a past named Alen Novak – who just so happens to be the Security Chief she is working closely with as an intern.

Will Tori overlook that uncertain past of his? Will Alen be able to look at just her and not her position on Mars? And with everything that they don’t like about each other, what is that undeniable spark that just happens to get stronger every time they see each other? Learn more.