Back To Life: 30 Days With Jesus

Back To Life: 30 Days With Jesus
Have you struggled with understanding the Bible? Do the concepts conveyed seem complicated? Pastor Joseph will guide you on a journey with Jesus in this devotional. You will see how Jesus lived and learn the principles he taught. Relating the life of Jesus to our lives will provide you with an opportunity to engage with the Bible in a new and profound way. The Bible is God’s revealed will. Shouldn’t you be familiar with it? Now is the time to unleash God’s Word into your life. See how the Bible is relevant to us in the twenty-first century. Engage with the roadmap to Heaven.

Pastor Joseph teaches:

  • God’s Plan For Us
  • Living With A Purpose
  • Having Faith In The Impossible
  • Turning Pain Into Passion
  • Touching The World For Christ

and many more helpful topics that will encourage you on your Christian walk. $0.99 on Kindle.
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