Free: Refreshed!

Free: Refreshed!

Are anxiety and stress making your life something less than it should be? Are you experiencing the troubling signs of physical or cognitive damage caused by anxiety, stress, or depression like hypertension, sleep problems, or declines in cognitive performance? Do you know what anxiety and stress really are – or how to break free from their devastating grasp? The good news is taking back control of your health, wellness, and life’s experience from anxiety and stress is achievable by anyone – and it’s also a delightful wellness experience!

Refreshed! is the acclaimed Life Environments Life Sciences program that helps you manage the damaging impacts of anxiety, stress, and depression using new scientific insights, different thinking, and mother nature’s experience. Ian Breck, cognitive expert, bestselling author, and director of cognitive innovation at Life Environments Life Sciences, demystifies anxiety and stress and takes you on a fascinating journey of personal discovery that will have you breaking the chains of life’s most influential, dangerous, and defining forces in no time – and emerging with a life you love!

In this book you’ll learn:
• What anxiety and stress really are, how they develop, and how they impact health, cognition, and life’s experience profoundly.
• How to recognize, manage, short-circuit, and inhibit stress effectively and safely without drugs.
• How to leverage new science, expert insights, and mother nature to thwart anxiety, stress, and depression naturally.
• How to create an enjoyable personal cognitive wellness plan to revise your life in healthy and delightful ways.
• How to effectively take control of your life back from anxiety and stress.

Refreshed! is presented in Ian’s legendary conversational style that’s fun, immersive, irreverent, poignant, easy to understand, and replete with actionable insights that will forever change how you manage stress and create a life experience you will forever cherish! Free on Kindle.

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