The Letters: A Lifetime Foreign Affair

The Letters/A Lifetime Foreign Affair

The Letters/A Lifetime Foreign Affair is a love story about two countries, two cultures, two lives, and one love. And the authentic portrayal of an ultimate and profoundly satisfying love relationship evolved between the book’s author and her late husband.

This powerful story is also a collection of two lovers’ letters, respect for cultures, individual lives, and respect for a union in love. It all begins when a rugged, dashing, and disciplined U.S. Marine Colonel, Hewitt Adams, meets the beautiful but strong-willed and highly knowledgeable Mae Yum from a Korean aristocratic family by chance and fate.

Full of life lessons and a tender, timeless romance, the letters capture the joys and frustrations that come with love while also revealing the deepest secrets of their hearts. The conversations between them are often frank and brutally honest. The letters display their frailties, strengths, passionate love, and all the human emotions they experienced. The fundamental differences in East and West cultural upbringing played a large part in misreading each other and hindered their way to harmony.
The author’s upper-class status and her upbringing in Korean society also put many obstacles in the way of their relationship. It is poignant, emotionally charged, evocative, candid, and heartrending.

There is also a depiction of the rich Korean culture, wisdom, profound insight into all types of relationships, and intertwining life through family and community. Added is the delicate balance between nature and incredible Korean spiritual mysteries.

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