Cellphone Photography Mastermind – Simple techniques for taking incredible pictures with iPhone and Android: Ultimate Beginner’s Guide to Great Photography

Cellphone Photography Mastermind - Simple techniques for taking incredible pictures with iPhone and Android: Ultimate Beginner's Guide to Great Photography

Chatting during a long beach walk, we realized that we have accumulated all of this knowledge and we wanted to share it so in 2012 we started taking Educational Photo-Tours through our company Photo School VIP. We have taught over 8000 students with an 80% repeat rate. We have turned the entire video course into this book so more people can afford to learn from us.

We teach through the back roads of South Africa, on safari in Botswana, while exploring the hidden gems of Italy, through the foothills of Spain, the mountain villages of Lesotho, the wild coastline of the Transkei, the kaleidoscope of culture in India and in the unique and wonderful Zanzibar.

You then learn how to photograph for your brand. Consistency in your image is key to making your brand stand out, and it’s a combination of color, design and photography.

We teach you to get the technical set up right first, on IOS and Android phones. Then teach you how to take great photos from a photographer’s point of view.

Do you lack confidence in your skills to follow your passion?
Have you lost your inspiration to be creative are you unsure of what inspired you and you want it back?
Do you want to learn techniques that Pro’s use?
Do you want to be taught in a clear and simple manner?
Are you tired of not getting the results that you dream of?
Are you a hobbyist who just wants to learn some new skills and have some fun?
Or are you a blogger / influencer and need to up skill your visual content creation skills?
Were you brought up believing that “creative” jobs aren’t “real” jobs and you can’t make money from it
Are you ready to consider a career change?
Are you ready to learn and have some fun?
Do you wish to make money through your creative skills?
tutorial one

The thirds rule, and composition

tutorial two
Recognizing light and modifying exposure

tutorial three
Effective and Sharp Focusing

tutorial four
Portrait and Landscape Mode

tutorial five
Taking better selfie

tutorial six
Regarding Editing App

tutorial seven
Laughing Face

tutorial eight
Editing on Instagram


Everyone who has a cell phone! We teach the “yold” (“young-old”) how to take better photos! Beginners, hobbyists, bloggers, marketers, businesses, foodies, entrepreneurs, pros
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