Our Common Values

This book dismantles some of the common hate narratives that divide American citizens today and reintroduces an enlightened and egalitarian view of human nature that has informed churchmen, statesmen, and civil rights leaders for centuries.

Central to humanity’s arduous journey on the road to enlightenment has been the role of the Church. Some people think the world would be better off without religion. This book dispels that fantasy, showing the Church’s indispensable role in the progression of free world ideals.

It is easy to take basic rights for granted, like free speech, due process, freedom of religion. But how many people know that all of our unalienable rights began as biblical doctrines championed by devout people of faith throughout history? Many people would call them “fanatics” today.

Still, these are the spiritual giants upon whose shoulders our founding fathers stood—forgotten heroes that have laid the foundation of a just and free society for all people. The free world owes an immense debt of gratitude to them, for without their dauntless devotion and religious fervor, the world would be a very dark place. $5.19 on Kindle.

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