Free: Queen of Frost

Queen of Frost
Only the truth can save her world. How far will she go to find it?

Ember Mikailanova’s childhood home of Dusk is dying. She and her best friend, Eli, the only two young people left, flee in search of the mythical city of Frost. When they find it they are taken in by pale friendly folk with wide smiles and a talent for talking around all her questions without answering them.

Ember finds work fixing the glitching automatons who serve the Queen and maintain the wall that separates the citizens of Frost from the monsters of the Wastes. But she can find no cause for their increasingly erratic behavior.

Why can’t she get straight answers from anyone? And what lies beyond the Southern Wall that the residents of Frost believe to be the end of the world?

Queen of Frost is the first book in the completed Frost Trilogy by Aria Nobel. Pick up your copy today. Free on Kindle.
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