Following Jesus: A 21-Day Journey

Following Jesus: A 21-Day Journey
Physical growth is automatic; spiritual growth isn’t.
Are you ready to grow your faith and deepen your relationship with Jesus?

“Following Jesus: A 21-Day Journey” is a guide to help you experience Jesus in a powerful and life-changing way.

“Following Jesus: A 21-Day Journey” is a 2022 Finalist in the Selah Awards. $0.99 on Kindle.
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FAQ New Believers Want to Know (And Every Believer Needs to Know)

Would you hand the keys to the family car to your 6-year-old daughter?
Would you throw your three-month-old son into the pool to see if he can swim?
Would you expect your newborn baby to fix their own bottle and their change her own diapers?
Stupid propositions, huh? And yet that’s what we do with new believers too often. We pat them on the back and congratulate them on their decision to follow Jesus. Then… we leave them to figure out their next steps on their own. It’s not long until they return to their old lives because no one took them under their arm to show them how to grow and successfully navigate their spiritual journey. Our commission is not just to win people to Jesus, it’s walking with them and helping them learn how to grow and mature in their faith and relationship with him.

FAQ New Believers Want to Know sounds a warning siren to awaken the Church we’ve dropped the ball. It also provides basic truths that lay a solid foundation new believers can build upon as they progress on their spiritual journey. It is ideal for:
* New believers to read on their own
* New believer classes
* One-on-one mentoring with a mature believer going through the chapters with a new believer
* Small group study
* Believers who are returning to their faith after leaving it for a while
* Older believers who never learned the basics when they were new believers
* Older believers who want a refresher on the basics of a closer walk with Jesus
Discussion questions for each chapter are included for personal reflection or group interaction.
$1.99 on Kindle.
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