Free: The Beautiful Lie – Finding Faith in a World Gone Mad

Free: The Beautiful Lie – Finding Faith in a World Gone Mad


It is said there were no flies in the Temple, in the following pages you will learn why. Take a faith changing journey and uncover the tools and strategies that will dramatically shift your life, your relationships, and perhaps bring about the turnaround you have long desired for yourself and others. Along with modern day miracles and remarkable historical events, you will learn the truth about the mess the entire world is in, the pathway out of it, and about the One who is closer than breathing.

This book includes:

  • Two techniques you can begin using today to transform your relationships
  • Ten minutes that can make or break you
  • The advice people really give when they look back over their life
  • The healing power of thoughts, words, and of making a 5% shift
  • The truth about research on marriage, money, happiness, and starting a family
  • The science and psychology behind the power of authentic faith and personal change
  • Strategies to change your thinking, uncover your destiny, and deliver lasting fulfillment

Remarkable stories that include: the miracle phone call from God, a painting that stopped a war, the divine voice heard for over 3 years on a mountain in the Middle East, the white strap that stood as an unexplained mystery for forty years, the importance of who is buried at a place called Skull, the gospel in a tree, the Amish martyr who challenged an entire nation, what happened to the founder of rock music and the world’s most popular writer, how a monk ended the gladiator games, what people saw and heard from the sky when they killed a family of missionaries, how a pride of lions saved the life of a child, the last song Jesus sang, and the day Christ taunted the devil.

These are a small sample of what you will learn about living sanely in a world gone mad! Free on Kindle.

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