Tinderellas & Bumblebelles

Tinderellas & Bumblebelles

Discover what’s hindering your Tindering!

Tinder, Bumble, along with other dating apps provide men with much exposure to women of all calibers. Imagine dating the women of your dreams. I’m not referring to just looks, but true compatibility.

The above could come off as an overstatement. But I promise you this book will show you the light. I will teach you the most effective strategies for online dating. We’ll start by building you a compelling profile that’s guaranteed to attract more matches. Then I’ll teach how to relate to every match and strike fiery conversations.

Whether you’re looking for a soulmate, activity partner, or just trying to get laid, Tinderellas and Bumblebelles will elevate your game. This short book is jam-packed with content that’s proven to bypass women’s attraction mechanism, so they’re subconsciously attracted to you before meeting in person. You will learn how to keep an alluring conversation flowing and build up attraction to a peak, so when you do meet for that first date, your match is already craving you.

Through this book, you will break the psychological limitations and boundaries that you’ve imposed on yourself. You will master online dating, go on more dates than you ever thought imaginable, and most importantly, charm women in any scenario.

Bonus content includes numerous screenshots of real conversations, swiping strategies, match classification context guide, how to mentally and physically prepare yourself, along with Gabe’s first date recommendations that are sure to turn your dating life around. $9.99 on Kindle.
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