The Summer Home

The Summer Home

He hid everything from her. Can she build a future from the remains of his secret life?
Erica Little thought she’d met the perfect man. Gregory was smart, handsome, and oh-so-charming. But as the years passed, their seeming dream relationship began to crumble – and when tragedy strikes, Erica is left alone… and as the new owner of a run-down cottage in the beautiful little town of Clearwater Beach.

But when she arrives to ask about her husband, Erica is quickly catapulted into a strange investigation that will force her to question everything she thought she knew about the man she loved. Old rumors and long-buried secrets begin to surface… and when two girls claiming to be Gregory’s daughters arrive on her doorstep, Erica is shocked to realize that her late husband had carefully concealed an entire former life.

Struggling to unravel the truth and make peace with the fact that Gregory had hidden so much from her, Erica must navigate his complex relationship with Clearwater Beach and reconcile her new role as stepmother to his estranged daughters.

Can Erica carve out a new life for herself among the shattered remains of her late husband’s secrets? Or will she be forced to leave his past – and Clearwater Beach – far behind?

Artfully combining a dash of mystery and intrigue with feel-good romance and a cozy beachside setting, the Clearwater Beach Series is a fun and charming read that’s perfect for anybody who enjoys contemporary women’s fiction. Scroll up and grab your copy now! $0.99 on Kindle.
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