Ancient Wisdom For Modern Times

Ancient Wisdom For Modern Times
Do you feel like an unhappy achiever? Here is your missing key to lasting fulfillment! We often struggle with the pressures of our career and personal life, always seeking validation for our achievements. Well, Stoicism may be the answer youre looking for. Embrace the wisdom of the ancients and revolutionize your approach to life now! $0.99 on Kindle.
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Ancient Wisdom For Modern Times: Biblical Foundations for Life in a World That Has Lost It’s Way

Ancient Wisdom For Modern Times: Biblical Foundations for Life in a World That Has Lost It's WayUncover the timeless wisdom of the ages and equip yourself to navigate the complexities of our times

Ancient writings have been largely forgotten as we find ourselves in an age of information overload, as never before. Yet, in the midst of extraordinary data accessibility, where do we look to find the wisdom we need to live happy, successful and fulfilled lives?

In his book Ancient Wisdom for Modern Times, Reuben J. Rose takes us on a personal journey to discover and uncover the ancient wisdom that will make a difference in our daily lives. Through the lens of his own story, Reuben helps us look afresh at the human condition in light of the timeless ancient wisdom of the Bible. $0.99 on Kindle.
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Teachings for the Next Millionaire: Timeless Lessons on Wealth and Success

Welcome to a journey into the depths of ancient wisdom. This book is a chronicle, a mirror held up to the past, reflecting principles that have steered the destinies of kings, magnates, and societies. It is also a window, giving us a view of how these age-old laws can be transposed onto the complex, rapidly changing landscape of our modern world.

As we traverse the corridors of time, we’ll unlock the secrets of the ancients and embark on a journey of wisdom and enlightenment. Each chapter is a capsule, containing nuggets of wisdom that transcend time and place, distilled into principles that you can use in your life, in your profession, in your relationships, and in your quest for success, wealth, and power. $0.99 on Kindle.
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Free: The Old Norse Spell Book: Your Guide to the Elder Futhark, Norse Folklore, Runes, Paganism, Divination, and Magic

The Old Norse Spell Book: Your Guide to the Elder Futhark, Norse Folklore, Runes, Paganism, Divination, and MagicWant to travel back in time to the spellbinding Old Norse world—and find out how you can apply its ancient wisdom and magic to modern situations and problems? Then read on: This is the book for you!

Runes—the cryptic letters of an Old Norse alphabet—are more than just a collection of dusty symbols from a bygone era.

They’re powerful forces that have long been associated with magic and divination.

Since ancient times, people have used them for guidance, and they’re still being used today.

In fact, more and more people are discovering the mysterious power of runes and are incorporating them into their daily spiritual practices.

Now YOU can too! In the pages of this book, you’ll learn about runes, the folklore surrounding them, and how you can unleash their power in your own life.

With a little bit of know-how, you’ll soon be using runes to guide you through life’s difficulties and questions and point you toward the answers you’re seeking.

Inside The Old Norse Spell Book, you’ll discover:

The history and significance of Old Norse runes
The oldest runic alphabet, the Elder Futhark
The folklore and ancient stories surrounding runes
How runes are used for divination and magic
How runic magic is practiced in the modern world
And much, much more!

Remember, runes don’t provide you with definitive answers or tell you exactly what’s going to happen.

Instead, they provide valuable insight into your unique situation and the potential outcomes that may occur.

If you don’t like the possible outcome a rune is hinting at, you can change direction and alter it: You’re in control.

So, buy this book today and start sprinkling a little runic magic in your life! You’ll be glad you did. Free on Kindle.
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