Sound of Sirens

sound of sirens

The Island of Skylge is protected by a mysterious Tower of light, keeping the violent Sirens away from its shores. Enna, an island girl, isn’t part of the Elite that owns the Tower and all the electric power it provides to the rich – she is a have-not with a love for music and a secret attraction to Siren song. When her brother Sytse comes back from a sea voyage and gifts her a long-play record that can only be played on an electrical device, Enna defies the rules by meeting up with Royce, a rich hotshot who wants to listen to her LP and is willing to share. Before long, the music is not the only thing they share, and Enna is falling fast for a boy who is forbidden to her. On top of that, she discovers that not all on the island is what it seems. What is the secret that the leaders of the island are hiding? $0.99 on Kindle.