Solomon The Accountant

Solomon The Accountant

A review by the Cleveland Jewish News:

Solomon the Accountant is a tender love story set in Toledo, Ohio, in the 1950s. Solomon is a rather nebbishy fellow who falls in love with the beautiful, newly widowed Molly. He is painfully aware of her recent loss, yet she becomes the focal point of his life. He hopes that someday – regardless of how long he has to wait – the broken wings of her spirit will mend and she will soar toward a new future with him.

While Solomon wrestles with his feelings for Molly, she is dealing with her own emotional issues. Facing life after the death of her beloved husband less than a year after they stood under the chuppah (wedding canopy) seems almost incomprehensible to the young widow.

In addition to portraying a touching love story, the author beautifully recreates a bygone era – a time when a silk tie cost $1.60, a “comfortable house in a good neighborhood” could be purchased for $12,000, and nice Jewish boys still nervously asked the father for his daughter’s hand in marriage.

Krauss, a writer and professional mediator, probes gently into the emotional psyche, exploring with clarity the crushing loss of death, the tenuous struggles to begin anew, the joys and complications of relationships, and the wonder of newfound love.

A surprisingly poignant novel. $7.99 on Kindle.
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