A Thanksgiving romance that viewers of THIS IS US will love!

Kendra Kellogg (the bad twin) is back in Big Falls with a mission. She has to make Dax Russell trust her again, even though she’s already conned him, lied to him and stolen from him. He’s the only mark she ever regretted, and her time pretending to be his girlfriend a year and a half ago was the best time of her entire adult life.

She has to make him trust her, then bend him to her will to get a dangerous man what he wants.

Dax knows Kendra is up to her old ways the minute she turns on the charm. He knows it, he just doesn’t care. Kendra is the woman he wants. Flaws and all. His eyes are wide open this time. She can’t con him unless he lets her, and he doesn’t plan to let her.

But Kendra hasn’t got a choice this time. Her father’s life is on the line. And even though she’s furious when she finds out the HUGE secret her own twin sister has been keeping from her, she can’t run away.

Not this time. Not even if staying means betraying the only man who’s ever loved her one more time.

And not even if staying means spending Thanksgiving with the most sickeningly wholesome family in Oklahoma. $3.99 on Kindle.

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