Mischief on Albemarle

Scoundrel of Mayfair

All Beryl Wentworth wants is for Finian Fitzwilliam to treat her like a grown woman instead of his childhood friend, the one he used to shove into mud puddles… unless she shoved him first, of course. But even though she’s grown up, he refuses to do so. So when Ernst Anton Oldenburg, the Duke of Cumberland, asks her to dance with him at the next assembly, she’s delighted to accept, mainly because that’s the quickest and surest way to irritate Fitz.

Only problem is, she succeeds beyond her wildest dream and now she can’t even have a decent ride in Rotten Row with Fitz. Whenever they get together, it degenerates into a row.

Can the Duke of Cumberland, the Scoundrel of Mayfair, solve Beryl’s problem without making it worse?