Mafia University

Mafia University

Leo Coletta does what most young men do when they graduate high school, and that’s going to college to further his education. He attends a remote University in the hills of Virginia and does fine academically in his first couple of months at school, but his social life becomes nonexistent. Leo freezes up and fails to make any connections with anyone on campus. Simply stated, he has no friends.

But that all changes on one fateful day in the cafeteria, when two local yokels decide to bully Leo because he sits alone and keeps to himself all the time. Leo tries to ignore the bullying and move on with his day, but an unlikely ‘good Samaritan’ steps in to help him out when the bullying turns violent. A fellow student, named Tony, takes care of the bullying locals and insists that Leo pays him back for the kind deed by coming over to his house for a party. A house he shares with three other guys.

Tony introduces Leo to his crew of friends, Nick, Brad, and Jo-Jo, and they seem normal enough, besides the fact that they dress, talk, and act like stereotypical Italian guys, who could be mistaken for a crew of young mobsters. And as Leo hangs out with the crew more and more and gets closer and closer to them, a dark secret will be revealed about his new friends, which makes Leo realize that he might have started hanging out with the wrong crowd. $3.99 on Kindle.

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