Life is starting to tick Robin Parsons off. Bad people get away with whatever, and good people are supposed to shut up and take it. When a friend is in trouble and she sees a chance to even the score, at least a little, Robin takes it. She makes a crooked politician admit he’s a crook, and she makes him pay her friend back the money he took.
The result is very satisfying, and Robin wonders: Can I do it again? Should I do it again? She’s no criminal mastermind, but help comes from unexpected sources. Soon Robin has a “gang,” not exactly the Avengers, but willing and determined. Robin continues her crusade for justice, though she worries about a steely-eyed private investigator who’s hot on her trail and seems to know where she’ll go next. lets readers escape into “What if–?” with an everyday citizen who’s had all she’s going to take from the powerful and greedy. Enjoy the ride as Robin and her gang of odd heroes use their not-so-super powers to make bad guys behave and turn victims into victors. $0.99 on Kindle.

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