If You Dont Like Lemonade, Stop Buying Lemons

If You Dont Like Lemonade, Stop Buying Lemons


Ever since the beginning of the world man has contained within him an insatiable desire to be the captain of his own ship and master of his own fate. It really becomes problematic when pride prevents one from looking outside thier selves for help or the correct answers in life. It’s not that God has abandon us with no directions or answers, it is the failure of launching one’s selve in a humble posture and seek the real truth and to stop relying on feelings.

After years of history on display, man continues to make the same mistakes. Those mistakes are driven by feelings and evade real truth. Thats because truth can be difficult to accept and act on. It all hinges on a simple applicatiin and placement of faith. Do you place tour faith in your feelings? Or do you search for the facts and then apply your faith to those facts? This will determine your outcomes in life.

This book is a commentary mostly of my life and outcomes related to poor decisions based in feelings. I will show you how easy it is to live by our feelings instead of by faith. I wrote this book to help others become more successful in life by avoiding the same potholes in the road. When we make poor decisions in life, we make a claim stating ” well we will just have to make lemonade.” That is our answer. It does not take away the pain or consequences from the poor decision. My book helps you try to avoid buying the lemons in the first place.

Of course, God gives us that great freedom of choice. However, in the end, it may lead to the lemonade stand. See price on Kindle

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