Born into a clan of bear shifters, real estate mogul David Rockwell is hunted by the Order of Orion: fanatical knights whose mission is to eradicate all supernatural creatures. David hides his identity behind shell corporations, acting as a silent partner in the deals that made him ridiculously wealthy. But hiding in plain sight — in a modest suburban neighborhood where no one knows his true identity — suits him better than a luxurious mansion ever would.

Paralegal Caitlin Daniels would love her job if it weren’t for a creepy lawyer who won’t take no for an answer. She can’t go to Human Resources to complain, either: the creep has threatened to fire Caitlin’s best friend if either of them causes trouble for him. So Caitlin resolves to hang on until her friend can find a job somewhere else.

When Caitlin’s stalker takes their “courtship” to the next level, she’s forced to turn to David for help, unwittingly blowing his cover.

Will David be able to save the girl next door from a fate worse than death — without falling into the Order’s murderous trap? $0.99 on Kindle.

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