Going After What’s Mine

Going After What’s Mine
A small town is the perfect place to hide out for me and my little girl.
Until the beautiful girl next door reminds me of what I’m missing in life.
Love. Lust. Passion.
All of the above. And somehow, she brings all three and much more out of me.
But I don’t have the pleasure of indulging in the softer side of life.
I’ve seen some things in the past and they’re creeping up to get me.
My only job is to protect my little one and try to make life as normal as possible.
Being born a fighter that won’t back down is my only redeeming quality.
If I could take back what I saw that has us running and hiding, I would.
All I ever wanted was a family to love and protect.
And I got my wish on the protecting part.
Against my own rules, I let this beautiful, curvy woman in, and before I can really enjoy her warmth, she’s gone.
Taken by the guys who want my life.
Good luck to them because I’m going after what’s mine.
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