Free: The Gate Run: Legends of Shadear

Free: The Gate Run: Legends of Shadear
Shri enters the Gate Run, a cruel, magical game with only two outcomes: victory or death.Slave-girl Shri Moongale dreams of becoming a senatai, of learning magic and freeing all the other slaves from their plight. The mysterious tower Spike in the center of the city is where the senatai study the art of magic, but the senatai are living under the rising tyranny of the powerful High Master, who is secretly practicing dark magic.

Unaware of the darkness brewing inside the Spike, to reach her dream of magical powers and freedom, Shri enters the Gate Run, a game that offers an opportunity to join the senatai of the Spike.

Many eyes are set on Shri, as she struggles inside the cruel magical world. She will have to survive the beats, betrayals, and the traps set to test her, and when the dark forces find her, she must discover her inner powers and fight for her life.

Is Shri’s lifetime of preparation enough to overcome the challenges that await her within the Gates? Will she be strong enough to face the dreadful High Master, when he learns about Shri’s yet hidden talents?

The Gate Run begins the adventurous saga of Shri Moongale, filled with action, magic, and mystery. Free on Kindle.

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