Free: The Cleansing Origins

Free: The Cleansing Origins
Nothing has ever been tried like this, the Cleansing Trilogy was nothing but opening a world of despair and apocalypse, this is nothing short of the most insane thing ever put to page by any author ever, the concept alone will destroy your mind with wonder. The first one hundred thousand words you can get by without knowing too much about the original trilogy, but I would STRONGLY advise that you get your hands on a copy of the Cleansing Trilogy for the next hundred thousand words to all add up in the most insane universe created in the apocalypse category for a VERY long time.

Follow Michael, the leader of the plague that swept the world into oblivion over a five year period as you see every crack that was left open by the trilogy, as you feel him and travel with him through every hardship and every learning curve that made him into the insane genocidal apocalypse bringing madman he is today, or is he?

Live through one thousand years of history with the man behind the red piercing eyes that cut through the world in the original trilogy. Free on Kindle.

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