Free: The Book of the Lord

Free: The Book of the Lord


Two thousand years of waiting is over. The great revelation of the Lord is here to answer all fundamental questions of the humanity.

The mystery of the Kingdom of God and the truth of life are presented to you fully and clearly for the first time ever:

Why are you here? The purpose of the universe and humanity. Everything you want to know about God’s Project Earth.

Who are you? The soul, the spirit, and the body. The trinity mechanism of an earthly human life.

Who is Lord Jesus Christ? The truth about the Holy Trinity of the Creator.

Where are you from? The truth about space, multi-dimensional universes, the Spiritual Realm, and the Realm of the Dead.

Where will you go? The harvest, the salvation, and the future life in the Kingdom of Freedom.

How can you live in the truth of God? Finding divine love in the ending times.

How do you make the covenant of life with God? The specific path to your eternal life and happiness

Welcome to the Kingdom of God. Free on Kindle.

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