Free: Random Lucidity

Free: Random Lucidity
Silver Medal Winner – 2015 eLit Book Awards

“A remarkable narrative with no wasted chapters.” – Portland Book Review

A struggling literary agent believes he hits it big when he discovers a mentally challenged man scribbling a world-class murder mystery into ragged notebooks in the park. Ignoring all of the red flags about this man and his all-too-real story, Reggie risks all he has to bring that story to the masses, not the least of which is his relationship with the stunning Meghan James.

Random Lucidity, a suspenseful literary thriller set in modern-day America, puts Reggie’s life and the murderous rants of a troubled man on paths that are destined to intersect. Along the way, Reggie is faced with impossible choices about love and ambition, and the challenges that confront us all eventually. Free on Kindle.

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