Free: I’ve Never Seen A Sheep

Free: I’ve Never Seen A Sheep
A funny bedtime story for kids.

If you’re like most people today, you know kids who don’t like to read, or feel discouraged by how challenging it can be. Maybe even your own kids.

And who can blame them? Today’s world is full of stimulation, bright colors, TVs, computers, phones—and they all take up so much time in our lives that and as a result, our kids are reading less.

But reading and interacting with the environment have been proven to have a powerful impact on children’s educational attainments and even on acquiring basic life skills. So it’s more important than ever today to help our kids love reading by themselves, even from the earliest stages.

How can we teach kids to read? How can we help kids read better? And how can we instill a love of reading in today’s kids so they’ll want to read more and more? Free on Kindle.
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