Free: Forager (Dystopian Trilogy Book 1)

Forager Dystopian Trilogy

She was a slip of a girl, around five-foot-nothing I reckon. She dressed like a Japanese anime character, and didn’t look a day over fifteen.

I rescued her and her boss from Skel savages when I was foraging for scrap metals in Melbourne’s ruins. She spoke to me in Japanese, thanking me for saving them, and that they’d come here to establish a trade agreement with our town. I’ve never heard a word of Japanese before, but somehow, I understood her. How does that work?

When I got the two of them back to the town, the Custodians whisked them away to the town’s exclusive ‘North End’ district. I figured that was the last I’d seen of her.

I figured wrong. The very next day she came to see me before I went to work, and surprising me by handing me a Japanese obento lunch she’d made.

I figured she was trying to repay the debt she owed me for saving her life.

I was wrong about that too.

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