Free: Eden: A Dystopian Romance

Free: Eden: A Dystopian Romance
Eleren knows the world is a harsh place. She also knows there’s one thing that can make it better — and that’s reaching Eden. Only couples can apply to enter Eden, and she has someone at hand, willing to endure the Long Walk with her.

Her brother is ill. Her mother and sister are beaten husks, who will never survive the Great Storm that will batter the world. If she makes it to Eden, she and her family will be safe. That is if she can survive the environment, the rains, the biting cold. Not to mention the people shooting at her.

What’s worse, is even if she survives all this, if she’s not amongst the first to the gates of Eden, she’ll be turned away. All of that effort wasted.

She and her partner must make it to paradise at all cost. Free on Kindle.

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