Free: Double Trouble For The Montana Cowboy

Free: Double Trouble For The Montana Cowboy
Emma Whitstone has been through a troublesome two years. Her husband has passed away from a sudden heart attack, and she hasn’t been able to reconcile with his death. Her fifteen year old son, Ethan, is trying to carry on like all of the other kids, but he is still feeling the loss of his father, and now his mother has the added stress of trying to manage the house on her own.

When Emma’s brother, Jake, comes up with a plan for her to marry Matthew Devine, the supposed self-made cattle rancher millionaire, she thinks she might finally find a way out of her misery.

As their romance unfolds, Emma discovers things about Matthew’s dark past. Is he truly a self-made millionaire, or a shady criminal? Free on Kindle.

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Author: A. Little