Free: Bounded To The Alien Overlord

Free: Bounded To The Alien Overlord
Telmet is about to succeed to the throne of Golar,the only thing standing in his way is his distinct lack of an heir. By Golarian tradition, the prince must prove his fertility before being permitted to take his place as king. With his father just days from death however, Telmet has just forty eight hours to find and impregnate a woman…no easy task on a planet where men outnumber women at astronomical odds.

Jaska, has no idea of what is about to befall her when the prince of Golar drops by her home planet of Opan. In fact, even when she finds herself back in the prince’s bedroom on another planet, she’s still in the dark.

Will Jaska give in to her feelings for Telmet despite his trickery? Or will she make her escape and leave him in the lurch? Free on Kindle.

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Author: M. Dawson