Free: A Lover For The Alien Overlord

Free: A Lover For The Alien Overlord
Morgan Hill lives a quiet life as a graduate student at Columbia University. That is, until she meets Dr. Ren Mador, the hottest professor on campus. She quietly lusts after him while writing her fictional stories, until one day when Dr. Mador extends their conversation about her work into a dinner… at his home. Suddenly, Morgan’s life is all but quiet.

Ren is far away from his home, the distant planet of Mador. Mador is in crisis; there are not enough women to continue populating the planet. Ren, in his quest to become Governor of Mador, journeys to Earth, a planet he knows is rife with women. To his surprise, after hitting up all the major dating sites, he can’t find a single woman worthy of accompanying him to Mador. Until he meets Morgan.

Morgan and Ren have a whirlwind romance straight out of the fairy tales… but, will Ren be able to convince her to leave Earth and move to Mador? And, if she does, will she be able to help ensure the survival of Mador? Free on Kindle.

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Author: A. Collins