Free: A Chance In Montana

Free: A Chance In Montana
Alyssa Macintyre is recently widowed and living alone. Her days are spent reeling from the loss of her husband, Joe, and she wonders if she’ll ever be able to get her life back into working order. She wants to move forward, but it’s been too hard to think about life alone, so she resorts to self-containment.

When she finds out she is pregnant, her world changes because now she must find a job to support both herself and the baby that is on its way. Alyssa responds to an ad for a waitress position at a local restaurant, and she’s both relieved and distressed.
She doesn’t like waiting tables, and it puts her on the brink of exhaustion. However, she’s grateful for the work because she needs the money.

When a few of the locals start to express interest in Alyssa, she’s confused. On the one hand she misses Joe terribly, but on the other she is both lonely and scared. She wants to find someone who can fill her lonely days, and she thinks she’s found it in Christopher. Yet according to Rick, another man who has interest in Alyssa, Christopher is bad news.

Alyssa must make some tough decisions, and all with her unborn child in mind… Free on Kindle.

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Author: Melanie Couric