Dr. Ava Larsen doesn’t have time for men. She’s too busy finishing her pediatric oncology residency to waste her time and she knows from experience that most men are selfish liars. So she assures herself that kissing the gorgeous man in the bar the night before was nothing more than an aberration—one she won’t repeat.

When he turns out to be not only one of the most powerful men in the country but also the father of one of Ava’s cancer patients, she knows she should recuse herself from the case.

Widower billionaire Aleksander Maximilian is one of the most powerful men in the USA, but he’s powerless to help his seven-year-old daughter, Olivia, who is dying of brain cancer. Her oncologists have told him to take her home on hospice so she enjoys her last days at home, surrounded by her family.

Olivia wants to spend the holidays in their house in Lake Tahoe, so Aleksander hires the best palliative care team possible. When the head of that team turns out to be the stunning woman he kissed in the bar the night before, he knows he should find another doctor.

But Olivia has one more wish—to see her father happy again before she goes to heaven. And she is sure Ava is the perfect candidate to make that happen … if only Ava and Aleksander will cooperate. $0.99 on Kindle.

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