Dangerous Times

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John Kirk is an auto mechanic who wants to get out of the city of San Pedro and leave his troublesome relationships behind. His live-in sweetheart is fed-up with his station in life and has become difficult, his mother finds solace from the death of Kirk’s father by embracing the bottle, and Kirk’s boss at the auto shop is an overbearing, cheap son of a bitch. These troubles are nothing compared to what fate is about to deal him.

Psychopath Frank Moore has found his look-alike, a close-enough double who will be his scapegoat. In government databases Frank has switched his identity and fingerprints with Kirk’s. Frank now murders his way to the cash he needs to bring his plan to fruition, one which will drown goodness and grace in a river of blood.

Frank Moore arrives in San Pedro. Quite the actor, he hides out with the money at Kirk’s place, posing as Kirk, hair cut and dyed to match. Those close to Kirk accept Frank’s phony look-alike story, mostly because of the cash he proffers. Frank has a good time performing sex and murder—until the women in Kirk’s life bring Frank the unforeseen.

While Kirk, thought to be Frank Moore, is on run. He is being pursued by those who the money was stolen from, along with a rogue police detective who wants that money for himself. A condition that will send the innocent Kirk through 48-hours of betrayal, violence, and murder.