Coyote Heart, Second Edition


There comes a point in some marriages when one or both parties have suffered so much that, somehow, the relationship must change. Carolyn Weedman, whose husband, Everett, has been injured in an automobile accident, has reached that point in her marriage. Set near the Pala Indian Reservation in San Diego, California, Coyote Heart, Second Edition tells the story of Carolyn’s love affair with Roy Washburn, a Luiseno Indian, whose son, Luke, is fighting a pending landfill project on the Pala reservation. When Luke learns that Everett once worked for the firm that sponsored the landfill, he decides to seek revenge and plans an attack on the Weedman home. The end is tragic, but there is hope – Everett saves Carolyn during Luke’s assault and her husband’s courage allows her to rediscover the value of their marriage. $0.99 on Kindle.