Young Chicagoan Mary-Kate Grant is determined to carve out a career in television. Her dream is to get a position at the Beautiful Homes Network, and she will take any job to get there-including working as an assistant at a sister sports TV channel. Nothing will get in her way of reaching a career in TV programming…or so she thinks.

William Cumberland is a badass British social media mogul. With hardly any time to eat, let alone date, he arrives in Chicago when he purchases the company Mary-Kate works for. And once he rescues her from a binding machine, he turns her world upside down when he assigns her to be his assistant.

And while both are focused on their careers, there’s some kind of magical banter between them that makes Mary-Kate wonder if there can be more to her life than television after all-and if William could be a romantic part of it… $0.99 on Kindle.