I’ll heal him, body and soul.

My new patient, Brad, is an injured veteran.
My work as a physical therapist can heal his body.
It’s clear from his cocky attitude and foul mouth, though-
His emotional wounds run even deeper.
This ex-SEAL fought valiantly for our country.
But now he’s home and fighting an even bigger battle:
To live as his true, authentic self.
And I’m facing a dilemma of my own.
I shouldn’t hook up with my patient.
Even if the chemistry between us is off the charts hot.
I can make him feel good physically, in more ways than one.
But is he ready to come out- to the world, or even to himself?
And do I have what it takes to fill the deep hole in his psyche?

Will he open up his heart to me,
so I can show him the man he was meant to be? $0.99 on Kindle.

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