Blood Brothers: Escape to Creeporia


When the paranormal abilities of two highly-trained assassins begin to exceed the capacity of their clandestine organizations to control, the two men are scheduled for cancellation. Ironically, as they’re the only ones qualified to take each other out, their final mission is to kill one another. But they get wise to the ruse, and before they can complete their mission they discover yet more ugly truths about themselves. They’re brothers, for one. Half-breeds, for another. And now that they’ve gone rogue, there’s really just one person capable of running them to ground, the full-breed father who sired them by a human mother. Tag-teaming the old man seems like a rather unappetizing proposition once they get a load of what he can do.

Their one ace in the hole might be their wives. Attracted to the same type of women, they find they have unwittingly married a couple of budding sorceresses. Now that the women are coming into power, possibly the assassins have what they need to tilt the scales their way. But the foursome needs time to grow into their own. So, with the wifes’ help, they flee to a fantasy world relative to ours, full of dragons, and formidable magic. But their dad is hot on their tails, and he adapts far more quickly to the rules of this new world, making him that much more daunting than before. There’s a lot more at stake than just their survival. They may have unwittingly given dear old dad the keys to the multiverse. If they can’t stop him, not just Earth, but many worlds stand to suffer greatly. $0.99 on Kindle.