An Unquiet American

an unquiet american

In the dead of night, Rufus Reed is a former British Special Forces officer turned author, is drugged, kidnapped and “disappeared” to a secret CIA prison outside the United States. Accused of terrorism he is relentlessly questioned and tortured.

But Rufus is no ordinary prisoner, and has some surprises of his own. He engages in psychological “warfare”, surprising his interrogators – Captain Sorenson and Walter Grace – with his ability to resist torture, his quick wit, intelligence and even-tempered logic. As he plants seeds of doubt, a dramatic turn of events sets off alarm bells in their minds – with growing horror they realize they may simply be pawns in a larger more insidious game being played out at the highest levels of the US government. A game where not just Reed, but all of them are expendable. Dare they take a life and death decision to step out of the game? And if so, how? $0.99 on Kindle.

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