Adrian Preskott and the Lost Prince of Corinthia

Adrian Preskott and the Lost Prince of Corinthia

Abracadabra! Does anyone believe in magic? You should ask Adrian!

Adrian Preskott was just like you and me, living a mundane life with his two twin little brothers and his single mother in the small town Scarwick. Adrian sometimes graced the students and teachers at school with his presence which wasn’t too often! However they didn’t mind at all, Adrian was not well loved in the town mostly in part to his own bad behavior. However, Adrian’s entire life is going to be flipped upside down when he meets a mysterious girl with strange powers that tells him a story of a boy from a far away world called Corinthia.

The boy is a Prince and was forced to leave when his father tried to sacrifice him in a ritual to gain immortality. With the help of his mother and a few other heroes, the boy was able to escape his father where he has been safe on Earth ever since. But now the time has come for the young boy to choose to stay on Earth and continue living in safety. Or go back to his home world and save his people from his father’s tyranny and take his place as King of Corinthia! And yes you guessed it Adrian is that Prince!

So join Adrian as he makes the ultimate choice in his life as he and his new gifted friends embark on a journey that will take them deep into the mythical world of Corinthia as Adrian faces trials and ferocious monsters on his way to saving the two worlds from the ultimate evil! O did I mention Adrian is Sorcerer! So come join the Legacy! And be part of the New Beginning! $7.99 on Kindle.

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