Accidentally in Love (Anderson Brothers Book 2)

Accidentally in Love (Anderson Brothers Book 2)
What did I do when I bumped into a gorgeous billionaire?

Well, I called him an “a*shole” and an assortment of colorful names. Turns out I was completely in the wrong. Then I ended up falling into his arms… literally. He saved me, and I kissed him.I, Paige Samuels, a might as well be a virgin wallflower, kissed a stranger. But Liam Anderson is more than rugged and swoon-worthy. He’s also broken, cold, and emotionally unavailable. So, what could a wealthy recluse and a failing bookstore owner have in common?
Other than amazing, mind-blowing sex…?

A dark secret in this small town that could destroy us both.

Liam may do everything in his power to protect me…
But will this secret and my terrible luck with love, drive us apart? $0.99 on Kindle.

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