Then Like The Blind Man: ORBIE’S STORY

Then Like The Blind Man: ORBIE'S STORY

While fiction about the 1950s Civil Rights era is far from rare, few capture the period and struggles from the perspective of a white child.

Then Like The Blind Man: ORBIE’S STORY is an electrifying porthole to the South of the ‘50s, where, though inane prejudice may have dominated, kindness and justice also had a place. Orbie’s sharecropping grandparents, by defying convention with unnerving grace, become founts of colloquial wisdom whose appeal is impossible to resist, and the Orbie they nurture—the best version of a boy who may otherwise have been lost—is someone the reader comes to love.
– Michelle Anne Schingler / ForeWord Reviews. $0.99 on Kindle.

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Author: Freddie Owens Wegela