The Jonas Trust Deception

the-jonas-trust-deceptionThomas Gunn is ex-British Special Forces, with a talent for infiltration and assassination. Skills that a year ago he reluctantly called on, to expose an international conspiracy that led to the murder of his father and death of his best friend. He thought it was all behind him. But a desperate call from his journalist friend Morgan, propels him into an even more sinister plot that threatens global politics and the security of the United States. Racing to follow her cryptic clues, Thomas and his partner Julie are thrust into the deadly path of Mexican drug cartels, corrupt politicians, the CIA, FBI, MI5 and ruthless Wall St brokers. What evil end-game binds these unlikely players together? It appears the shocking truth lies in the painful memories of Thomas’s past during covert operations in Afghanistan at the height of the war. A past he had hoped to forget but will not forget him. 

Was he used as a pawn in an evil “game” back then? Is he still being “played” even now? Outraged at the thought he does something so unexpected that its boldness and daring will take your breath away! But how high a price will he have to pay for uncovering the truth?
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