The Fires of Lilliput

The Fires of Lilliput
A JEWISH HOLOCAUST SURVIVOR is the only living witness to the life of a man the Vatican is investigating for sainthood. This is her story.

After reviewing his life for nearly thirty years, the Vatican wants to declare Polish farmer and stigmatic Jakub Chelzak a Roman Catholic saint. His miraculous healings and Crucifixion wounds brought true believers—and die-hard skeptics—from across Europe during its darkest hour.

But before the Pope can canonize Jakub, the Church must hear from the most important eyewitness of all: Shosha Mordechai, then a young woman, who disappeared with her family after she and Jakub helped each other live through the most ungodly hell in human history: the Nazi siege of Warsaw and the Soviet invasion that followed.

No friend of the Jewish people during this time of their greatest need, the Church is seeking not only Shosha’s testimony, but a major step toward reconciliation with her people.

The archbishops and cardinals face an extraordinary situation: a Jewish Holocaust survivor the only living witness to the life of a Christian saint.

The Fires of Lilliput is their epic story, of courage, suffering, and love. $3.99 on Kindle.

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