Memoirs of a Starving Artist

memoirs-of-a-starving-artistWhat if you risked everything to follow your dreams… and they didn’t quite come true? Would you regret having tried at all? How about if those choices led to a life full of freedom and adventure? This is the story of one man whose 25 years as a struggling writer meant learning to accept near constant rejection while at the same time traveling the world on a shoestring and reveling in all of the wonders that life has to offer. It is a tale of love and loss, hopes and aspirations, and ultimately the realization that true happiness comes not from succeeding on someone else’s terms, but in the ability to redefine success on one’s own.

“Memoirs of a Starving Artist” follows the author on a lifelong journey from Australia to Tahiti, Ireland to Estonia to Budapest and beyond. It is an inside look at what it means to be an ex-pat American writer in the era of the ebook revolution.

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