“Dragon Knight”


dragon knight diane rapp

When a demon steals dead musicians from the mundane world to perform as musical slaves in the magical realm, he initiates a wicked plot. The mundane magic in the music turns ordinary magical folk into vampires, zombies, ghosts, and other denizens of the underworld. Now the demon plans to kidnap a living singer, Jimmy Buffett, and use the power in his songs to destroy the barriers between the worlds. The underworld will take control everywhere and Sandoval with reign as overlord.

An irrational witch used the Heart’s Blood Curse to transform Dragon into a knight after he ate a young maiden. A dragon can’t be blamed for eating his favorite meal, one that was thrust under his snout. He tried to explain, but the witch would not listen to reason. To reverse the spell, Dragon must help a young sorceress defeat the evil demon and save the worlds from destruction. Dragon can’t abide living in the body of a weak human! He sets out on a quest he does not understand but gains friends that help him on the journey.

This fantasy is designed for adults to enjoy along with their kids, no blush-worthy scenes, no graphic violence, and plenty of humor. Learn about mundane magic that turns wands into smartphones, powers cars, and the Net. Cheer for the wizards working hard to prevent Jimmy Buffett from being kidnapped in the mundane world. When Jimmy sings the shark song, real sharks appear on stage, so what will happen when he sings the space ship song or the volcano song? Enjoy a fun romp between realms, a story peppered with lessons about friendship and the importance of doing your homework.

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