Pink Collar Temp Agency

The men of Pink Collar Temp Agency are ready to get down to business.

Whether you need help scrambling your eggs, pruning your bush, polishing the family jewels, or rubbing down your walls, we have the perfect man for the job.

Our highly skilled men are good with their hands and eagerly waiting to cater to your every desire.

Pink Collar Temp Agency is a multi-author series full of steamy instalove short stories with hot men and curvy lady bosses.

Stranded with the Tour Guide by Fern Fraser

Getting Handsy with the Manicurist by Kat Baxter

An Arrangement with the Florist by Brynn Hale

Playing House with the Nanny by Piper Cook

Digging Deep with the Gardener by Violet Rae

Checking Out the Librarian by Elsie James

Simmering for the Sous Chef by Matilda Martel

Aching for the Physical Therapist by Carly Keene

Getting Cozy with the Innkeeper by Jessa Joy

Pillow Fight with the Decorator by Kameron Claire

Imposing on the Yoga Instructor by Lynn Sherry

Bedazzling the Jeweler by Ember Davis

$0.99 each on Kindle.

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